CLO Manager Long-Term Performance*

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ManagerAssetLiabilityAsset Rank (1–111)Liability Rank (1–136)AlphaBeta (SPBDAL)Information RatioLiability Z-Score# Deals Used# Observations
40/86 Advisors5122190.036350.824920.17455-0.36067699
AEGON USA Investment Management3149200.016460.941550.07554-0.360614831
AGL Credit3266380.001571.107920.018350.004318554
AXA Investment Managers3245470.023400.950220.080130.099912782
Airlie CDO Capital Management192
Allianz Global Investors3360490.006981.141030.029600.16114481
Allstate Investment Management4225290.030970.928770.16432-0.234711699
American Money Management5320560.036430.941020.187830.2801171634
Anchorage Capital Group5314700.052910.971880.229080.4750261464
Angelo, Gordon & Co45341080.035221.090840.121200.9395161169
Antares Capital1060.91130
Apollo Global Management4223280.031910.975710.17252-0.2534403791
Aquarian Credit Partners4128230.030391.042560.16142-0.34076287
Ares Management4139170.012680.997930.08267-0.3894545119
ArrowMark Colorado Holdings3453940.012680.975090.058000.755616938
Atlantic Avenue1070.91170
Avenue Capital Management240
BNP Paribas Asset Management217621-0.004210.96703-0.00577-0.35772255
Bain Capital Credit228431-0.001291.01636-0.03442-0.2103362383
Ballyrock Investment Advisors4144130.012661.023280.08035-0.491310693
Bardin Hill Investment Partners149380-0.030311.05428-0.053920.5871161776
Barrow Hanley1131.08453
Beach Point1271.355521
Benefit Street Partners3363570.004701.053490.024600.2926494192
Birch Grove Capital55111150.056610.944580.262511.12864109
Black Diamond Capital Management4326650.057180.915510.164070.42757723
Blackrock Financial Management511930.040430.906190.19704-0.8609251962
Blue Owl1592110-0.014151.03270-0.052100.9597201159
BlueBay Asset Management1231.261112
Bradford & Marzec83
Brigade Capital Management238866-0.009971.08049-0.043140.4278181106
CFI Partners35461160.022750.971750.077131.14185379
CIFC Asset Management5116220.032080.976120.21432-0.3558475377
CIT Asset Management205
CQS Management1261.344231
CVC Credit Partners413680.017050.977690.10193-0.6385302769
Canaras Capital Management1595103-0.029771.15177-0.073990.86435547
Canyon Capital Advisors3247450.014020.979870.076620.0908161173
Capital Four Management1121.075629
Carlyle Group227027-0.000211.045220.01074-0.2575595743
Caywood-Scholl Capital Management89
Cerberus Capital Management33
Clinton Group93
Columbia Management2174150.004710.99192-0.00093-0.4162121511
Credit Suisse First Boston5113120.051551.005920.24506-0.5080474486
Credit Value Partners840.633523
Crescent Capital Group1410486-0.036241.11301-0.126440.6691171240
Deerpath Capital Management309
Delaware Investment Advisors287
Deutsche Asset Management25671290.003971.051350.016971.41142518
Diameter Capital1201.1606152
Doral Bank530.082960.912210.450062132
DoubleLine Capital1411093-0.055251.08267-0.290960.73468381
Eaton Vance Management292
Ellington Management Group252
Elmwood Asset Management521300.080300.878750.47695-0.230214509
Empower Capital Management1090.94549
FS Investment Corporation84
FS Investments1251.289758
First Eagle Private Credit2371550.003961.039610.009440.2496433483
Five Arrows Managers2577111-0.003051.07792-0.008901.02808801
Fore Research & Management76
Fort Washington Investment Advisors15111118-0.051711.01234-0.325411.1522263
Fortress Investment Group5571280.103410.937340.310481.403613941
Franklin Advisers285
GE Capital40
GSC Acquisition453
Gallatin Loan Management34
Generate Advisors545790.060560.984970.354610.57038458
Global Leveraged Capital116
Goldentree Asset Management512120.036921.004860.17955-0.8710181525
Goldman Sachs Asset Management140
Goldman Sachs Specialty Lending Group52
Golub Capital548750.084590.897180.309500.5390221141
Grandview Capital Management97
Granite State Capital Management2
Greywolf Capital Management248583-0.004501.07898-0.034730.63105454
Guggenheim Partners554980.082650.845180.427860.8110121164
Gulf Stream Asset Management5
HIG WhiteHorse5412850.062810.883600.251290.66092427
HPS Investment Partners2169160.000430.994440.01328-0.3978151276
HalseyPoint Asset Management1410571-0.021201.08665-0.134540.48785159
Harbourview Asset Management190
Harch Capital Management172
Hartford Investment Management101
Hayfin Capital Management55101170.059600.955480.273631.14928890
Highland Capital Management4231420.058090.964890.151360.071072255
ICE Canyon
ICG Debt Advisors3359630.012640.970170.031340.4085181011
Investcorp Credit Management345877-0.000521.030800.035640.5473422498
Irradiant Partners3254460.006561.020750.044040.091113504
JMP Credit Advisors144
JPMorgan Chase Bank53
Jefferies Finance35571000.007971.109430.041140.8292171357
KCAP Financial88
KKR Financial Advisors4330530.030801.035170.151470.2021342313
Katayma Loan Management1341.95640
King Street Capital Management139767-0.018441.08322-0.089940.441611562
LCM Asset Management1210325-0.023171.02825-0.11914-0.3321282451
Levine Leichtman Capital Partners52
Loomis Sayles1410876-0.042161.24261-0.171250.54091120
Lord Abbett102
Lufkin Advisors262
MCG Capital Corporation32
MFS Investment Management181
MJX Asset Management238158-0.010221.07143-0.027180.3076373307
MacKay Shields1589131-0.009931.03537-0.045141.57642137
Man Group139848-0.037601.13552-0.089980.11519939
Marathon Asset Management2573105-0.005401.152440.007410.9000141064
Medalist Partners552990.088140.911180.466370.82352110
Mercer Park66
MidOcean Credit Fund Management248797-0.003311.02714-0.040470.803710798
Monroe Capital Advisors3352620.044671.019160.065350.33051163
Morgan Stanley Eaton Vance228635-0.008011.01814-0.03754-0.070417879
Muzinich & Co1351.98479
Napier Park Global Capital5215370.035300.920800.22131-0.0627201563
Nassau Corporate Credit1599130-0.043861.14380-0.090581.41948413
Natixis Asset Management14
Neuberger Berman3164110.005621.029630.02299-0.5160382649
New Mountain Capital536690.056200.913080.352450.4689382
New York Life Investment Management413840.018240.980790.08869-0.8591131079
New-Alliance Asset Management31
NewStar Financial64
Newfleet Asset Management1591132-0.013070.95424-0.050451.57851231
Nomura Corporate Research and Asset Management50
Northwestern Mutual1020.86419
ORIX Advisers1310261-0.022961.00841-0.118560.32029512
Oak Hill Advisors519100.047920.970470.29945-0.5309282193
Oaktree Capital Management3248400.008921.016840.076550.039021875
Octagon Credit Investors4141140.012210.985250.08158-0.4497473601
Onex Credit Partners4333510.030590.971630.130730.1860231488
Orchard First Source Asset Management4224330.046770.978830.16771-0.11976465
PPM America1410781-0.028261.07244-0.154870.61385227
PS Management79
Palmer Square Capital Management4227260.029840.967220.16283-0.2643311395
Pangaea Asset Management101
Par-Four Investment Management5417900.072181.024510.213900.71921182
Park Avenue Institutional Advisers1410992-0.042161.03212-0.219880.73107372
Partners Group247878-0.004331.01061-0.015870.56258393
Patriarch Partners127
PineBridge Investments3265360.003141.025490.02279-0.0644181869
Post Advisory Group149473-0.016531.02081-0.064220.5277296
Pretium Credit Management4343520.015430.998620.080440.197013819
Princeton Advisory Group92
Putnam Investments950.758486
Resource Capital Asset Management333
Royal Bank of Canada4350.095441.043050.11721154
Sankaty Advisors107
Saratoga Investment Management172
Sculptor Loan Management4337680.020980.982520.101480.4457272038
Seix Advisors248287-0.001691.01164-0.029470.674871296
Shenkman Capital Management139060-0.011271.03966-0.046760.315012953
Silver Point1211.17679
Silver Point Capital64
Silver Rock Management1191.159816
Sixth Street4242320.016851.002310.08078-0.1204231125
Sound Harbor Partners604
Sound Point Capital Management228339-0.004471.00357-0.033590.0360674399
Starwood Property Trust45
Steele Creek Investment Management3561114-0.000071.045510.027611.10289562
Stein Roe & Farnham59
StoneCastle Advisors7
Sycamore Tree1241.287927
T2 Advisers67
TCW Asset Management3256430.009800.984130.041540.07669741
TICC Management83
Telos Asset Management4429740.069590.842330.154040.53884450
Tikehau Capital960.802936
Trimaran Advisors25751010.001551.01386-0.003140.8624111519
UrsaMine Credit Advisors200
Vibrant Capital Partners247991-0.002681.05666-0.018150.723115847
Vista Credit4320.088700.914120.15075260
Voya Alternative Asset Management11969-0.012761.01527-0.08188-0.5452343324
W.R. Huff Asset Management123
Warwick Capital1221.23240
Wellington Management720.49700
Wells Capital Management211
West Gate Horizons47
Western Asset Management1210641-0.036651.11204-0.138890.04056496
Whitebox Capital Management55181040.045970.875340.208510.86733100
Z Capital198
ZAIS Group35551330.003191.174270.043541.858915854
Source: Amherst Pierpont Securities

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